When You've Lost The Daily Show

From the YouTube description:

Meet Kamala Harris’s holistic thought advisor Dahlia Rose Hibiscus (Desi Lydic), who is deeply committed to helping the Vice President translate words into idea voyages. Hibiscus preaches the practice of speaking without thinking and encourages Harris to describe her journeys, molding our Vice President into a meditative guru

You may have seen some of these gems already:

Which brings us to our weekly odds summary:

Candidate EBO Win
Donald Trump 52.8% +2.1%
Joe Biden 38.5% -2.0%
Michelle Obama 2.8% +0.5%
Robert Kennedy Jr 2.2% unch
Other 3.7% -0.6%

Bone Spurs continues to increase his edge over President Dotard. Michelle Obama continues to impress some bettors. What kind of scenarios are they imagining? Wildly entertaining ones, I bet!

Ditto for RFKJr. Maybe a mutual Trump/Biden annihilation in the debates, causing critical states to break 34%/33%/33% in Junior's favor?

Also of note:

  • Ignored by the WaPo and Politifact, I think. Perhaps they believe a President who makes up stuff isn't a problem, as long as he's Democrat. But the UK version of the Daily Mail is on the story: Biden makes another gaffe by falsely claiming his Catholic school teacher was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

    President Joe Biden got caught trying too hard to butter up Wisconsin voters when he told an apparently false story about a teacher at his Delaware Catholic high school being drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

    'My theology professor at the Catholic school I went to was a guy named Reilley, last name. And he had been drafted by the Green Bay Packers,' Biden said during a speech in Sturtevant, Wisconsin Wednesday.

    'And he decided to become a priest before that, so he didn't go. But every single solitary Monday that Green Bay won, we got the last period of the day off,' Biden said.

    The line first got flagged as a potential Ron Burgundy moment by online users who wondered why the president said 'last name.'

    But online sleuths quickly searched online Green Bay Packers draft records going back to the 30s, with no apparent Rileys or Reilleys having been drafted.

    I suppose Biden just assumed talking about the Packers would get him Wisconsin voters.

  • So you're saying there's a chance… At the Dispatch, Nick Catoggio examines The Case for VP Haley.

    You wouldn’t know it from my cheery disposition, but the polls lately have put me in a dark place, overcome with desperate thoughts.

    Where will I work after the Trump Justice Department shutters The Dispatch for publishing “subversive material”? What sort of contrived national emergency will be cited in 2028 to justify suspending the 22nd Amendment? Which Anglosphere country is most likely to grant me asylum?

    And this one, which is really dark: Should I hope that Donald Trump chooses Nikki Haley as his running mate?

    The prospect of a Trump-Haley ticket seemed to have died earlier this year when the nominee declared that anyone donating to her henceforth would be “permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” whatever that means. Ten days ago, however, Axios cited multiple sources alleging that Haley was “under active consideration” by Trump’s campaign for VP. Trump himself quickly denied it, but Trump denies a lot of things that turn out to be true.

    Well, that would be neat. Certainly it would make it more likely to check the box for Trump, instead of writing in Nikki.

  • Least surprising headline of the week. Christian Britschgi is (like me!) a "pro-life" libertarian. So he's a pretty good choice to point out some Golden State Governor hypocrisy: Gavin Newsom Is Pro-Choice on Abortion and Nothing Else.

    California has some of the nation's toughest restrictions on the interstate practice of medicine. With very limited exceptions, the state requires that doctors offering any sort of treatment, care, or consultation to California patients be licensed in California.

    While the rest of the country is changing regulations to accommodate telemedicine, California forbids out-of-state specialists from doing even remote follow-up appointments or consultations with their California patients.

    To lighten this regulatory load, Gov. Gavin Newsom yesterday signed into law Senate Bill 233. It will let out-of-state doctors to quickly get California medical licenses to serve patients there. The only catch is that the doctors have to be from Arizona. And they can only provide abortion-related services. Temporarily. To patients who are also from Arizona.

    Feminists used to complain bitterly that "if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament".

    Well, guess what? Men still can't get pregnant, but abortion has turned into a secular sacrament for advocates, granting it privileges far beyond those extended to other "medical" procedures and policies.