Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

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On the third attempt, I finally made it through this whole movie without falling asleep. It's not that it's not good. It's good. On the high side of OK.

Scott Lang is coasting through life as a revered hero who saved the world from Thanos. He hangs out with girlfiend/superhero Hope/Wasp. Everybody likes him, and how could they not: he's played by Paul Rudd! But daughter Cassie has become a rebellious teen, taken to getting arrested in demonstrations. (And this is San Francisco, where they don't arrest anybody, so you know she has to be pretty obnoxious.) Cassie's also been experimenting with Hank Pym's shrink/grow technology, and checking out the Quantum Realm, where Hank's wife Janet was stranded for decades.

After getting Cassie out of jail, the whole gang (Scott, Cassie, Hank, Janet, and Hope) gather for pizza, and Cassie reveals her magic device for exploring the Quantum Realm. Janet, who's been keeping certain facets of her time in the Realm secret, realizes that the device puts them all in extreme danger… too late, they all get sucked down into the weird and fantastic, and extremely dangerous, world.

They have a heck of a time defeating the menace there and returning home.

I think my sleepiness problem was due to over-reliance on spectacular CGI. Close to everything in the Quantum Realm is CGId. Every so often a human face or form will pop up; otherwise it's difficult to care about the obviously fictitious goings-on with no connection to the Real World.

But it's clever, and funny in spots. It's a setup for another couple of Avengers movies… which I'll probably see, because … Avengers.

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