You Got Me, Google. Now Stop.

[Secret Meets]

I (kind of) understand Google AdSense. Websites put their ads on, Google sends them money.

What I don't understand is Google's insistence on showing me ads for "businesses" that would like to set me up with fetching young ladies for … well, whatever I'm sure we'd agree on via a free-market transaction. (Example at your right.) The ads are only semi-subtle, featuring pulchritudinous women, their garb displaying a PG-rated amount of curvaceousness, all implying an eventual R-rated commercial relationship. A discreet one, to be sure.

And these ads are hosted at respectable websites. That example? Snipped from an article at

I'm slightly complimented by Google's speculation that I'm physically up to such activity. And able to afford it.

And then I'm very offended by Google's assumption that I'd be interested.

Plus, I'd be embarrassed if family members or friends wandering by my computer saw the kind of ad content displayed on my screen.

I keep clicking on those x-close boxes in the ads' upper right corners. In the resulting dialog box, I click 'Stop seeing this ad'. And then I'm asked to be more specific. OK, to be honest, Google, I am 'Not interested in this ad'.

Google responds: "We'll try not to show that ad again."

But I've been doing that pointy-clicky for months. Ineffectively. Google AdSense keeps insisting that I am interested in such things. Or should be.

If I click on the little "AdChoices" arrow, instead of the close box, I get a lot more information, including:

Why this ad?

This ad is based on:

  • Information in your Google Account
  • Google's estimation of your interests

Arrgh. Shut the front door.

Fine, Google. Yes, I am a male heterosexual. One whose eyeballs can be grabbed by female boobage and come-hither smiles.

But, really. I am not interested in running around behind Mrs. Salad's back. Stop it.

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