Checking Under My Bed … Nope, Nothing But Large Clumps of Cat Hair

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At the Federalist, Eddie Scarry notes a rush to judgment: Elon Musk’s Twitter Has Created More Hate Speech, According To Group That Says So And That’s That.

Hand it to the Anti-Defamation League. There isn’t a single other organization out there that can declare something as fact, with no evidence, and have every major news organization repeat it verbatim, no questions asked.

The New York Times on Friday published the headline, “Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find.” That frightful claim was backed up, in large part, by none other than the leftist ADL, which is wildly successful in convincing anyone who will listen that Nazis are lurking in every American household.

The ADL is understandably sensitive to antisemitism. But, as Scarry explains, they also have an interest in finding Nazis under the American bed. And (RTWT) he points out the NYT and the ADL admit the actual "rise" in hate-tweets represent a “relatively small" fraction of the site's total volume. Not only are the haters easy to avoid, they are hard to find.

Unless you go looking for them, as the ADL did.

I can't help but note that, as far as historical worldwide totals go, these guys have a far higher body count than the Nazis:

Is anyone looking to kick these lying fools off Twitter, Elon?

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