URLs du Jour


  • President Obama's just down the road in Portsmouth, and your intrepid blogger is … not there. Sorry. Links to more diligent folks:

    • Granite Grok is (unsurprisingly) all over the event, with one, two, three posts. And maybe more by the time you read this.

    • Ditto for Amy Kane: one (a preview with lots of great links), two (excerpting Seacoast Online).

    • And the WSJ got into the whole live-blogging thing here. Of particular note:
      1:14 p.m.: "Let me set the record straight" on rumors: If you like you're [sic] health care, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep seeing them. You won't have to "wait in any lines." Government bureaucrats shouldn't be meddling-but neither should insurance company bureaucrats.
      This remains a lie.

  • In the Great Minds Think Alike Department: like Pun Salad, Jim Geraghty and James Taranto also proposed that Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer revive the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

  • At the American Spectator, Jeffery Lord examines the history of presidential lying, and proposes that Linda Douglass, a former ABC News correspondent now working for the White House, resign.

  • Professor Sowell has random thoughts.
    Different people have very different reactions to Pres. Barack Obama. Those who listen to his rhetoric are often inspired, while those who follow what he actually does are often appalled.
    You know where I am.