My Crystal Ball Wasn't Just Cloudy, It Was Opaque

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Well, I blew those two election predictions I made on Monday. At the NR Corner, Isaac Schorr has some specific observations on our state: Losing Is a Choice.

No one forced New Hampshire Republicans to choose Don Bolduc, the spineless conspiracy theorist, as their nominee to serve in the United States Senate. But they did, and now the race has been called for incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan with less than 40 percent of the expected vote reporting.


Sometimes, events out of a party’s control condemn them to electoral losses. But oftentimes, losing is a choice, and the fact remains that in several states, Republican voters simply chose to lose.

Schorr's observation also applies to my Congressional District, where full-throated election denier Karoline Leavitt is (as I type) losing to the Democrat incumbent Chris Pappas by about 8 percentage points.

A doleful drubbing, and GOP voters have nobody to blame but themselves.

Briefly noted:

  • Another bit of bad news: Massachusetts Question 1, which tacks on a 4% surtax on income over $1 million, seems to be winning as I type. Massachusetts seemed to have dodged its "Taxachusetts" label in past years, but…

    But that's (sorta) good news, too. We'll probably see a wave of productive folks escaping up here to New Hampshire.

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