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Proverbs 18:3 is pretty straightforward:

3 When wickedness comes, so does contempt,
    and with shame comes reproach.

Profound, and yet unsurprising. These being shameful and wicked times, Pun Salad promises to keep up its part, delivering plenty of contempt and reproach.

■ Last night's concert at the University Near Here gave the "All Eyes on UNH" Facebook group a useful opportunity to lecture on who can sing along with what:

Tonight PnB Rock, Metro Boomin, and T-pain are performing at the Whittemore Center. We want all students that are attending the concert to have a great time and to be safe. All non- Black students should be mindful and not say the n-word while singing along.

Beware: Ta-Nehisi Coates autoplay video at the link.

One can only wonder if DNA tests were available so the kiddos could determine whether they were genetically qualified to sing "the n-word". Would there be a cutoff? The one-drop rule, perhaps?

■ A legal victory for exclusionary zoning just a few towns away is reported in my local newspaper, Foster's Daily Democrat: Court affirms Lee’s tiny homes law.

The Strafford County Superior Court has affirmed the decision by the town of Lee, not to allow the construction of tiny homes for veterans.

The would-be tiny home builder, Peter Macdonald, is now on the hook for a $70,675 fine.

"Thank you, veterans, for your service, but please don't do anything that might jeopardize property values."

Lee is just next door to Durham, and not quite as Progressive. (Hillary got a mere 66% of the vote in Lee, as opposed to 73% in Durham.) And, as near as I can tell, unlike Durham, they haven't passed a virtue-signalling Diversity Welcome Statement. So unfortunately, I can't easily mock their hypocrisy.

I can't help but wonder whether Macdonald would have any better luck in Durham, though. I would guess not.

@kevinNR unloads on Louise Linton, The Treasury Secretary’s Wife. Sample:

She also published a book, In the Shadow of Congo, a memoir about the semester abroad she spent in “war-torn Zambia,” a tale replete with child soldiers, Hutu–Tutsi ethnic warfare, monsoons, and the general horror of the Congolese war that beset the “angel-haired” (her description of herself) visitor from the United Kingdom. There were many problems with that account, including the fact that the Congolese war wasn’t fought in Zambia, which has in fact never been at war, but if it had been at war, that war wouldn’t have been the Hutu–Tutsi conflict, which happened in Rwanda, which isn’t where Linton was. She was down in Zambia, which does not have the monsoons she claimed to have endured. The book was a gross and embarrassing example of the “white savior” genre, and a particularly illiterate and dishonest one at that. It has been withdrawn from publication.

She's a vain and vapid airhead. Athough the head is pretty good looking. A perfect addition to the Trump Administration.

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