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■ Proverbs 28:9 would have been a good motto for the Hillary Clinton campaign:

If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable.

Or, as Hillary would have said, deplorable.

■ Everyone survive the switch to Daylight Saving Time? I'm still waiting for my Atomix Digital Wall Clock to pick up the signal from Fort Collins, CO. But if you're still a little bleary-eyed from the disruption, you'll be happy to know that you're also at risk to yourself and others. Because Bloomberg writer Ben Steverman has Proof Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly.

If you hate daylight saving time and all the confusion and sleep deprivation it brings, you now have solid data on your side. A wave of new research is bolstering arguments against changing our clocks twice a year.

The Science, as they say, is Settled.

■ Kevin D. Williamson writes on Word Games.

Every few years, a word or bit of terminology comes along and captures the political imagination. During the George W. Bush years, the magic word was “neocon.” For years, it was used as a term of abuse by the Left; later, it was adopted as a term of abuse by some elements of the Right. What they had in common is that neither camp had the faintest idea of what the word meant.

And now, the "the new favorite conservative bugbear" is the "Deep State". Kevin traces its journey from the political fringes (surprisingly, of both Left and Right) to its usage today: "a nice, vague enemy that can be blamed for practically anything."

Plus, there's a quick nod to James George Frazer’s The Golden Bough, which made me glad I read it.

If someone wanted to update Orwell's essay "Politics and the English Language" to modern America, KDW would be the guy to do it.

Muslim Travel Ban? Michael P. Ramirez comments pictorially:

[Muslim Travel Ban]

Ramirez has a point. I'm not a fan of the "Muslim Travel Ban", but calling it that is, at best, a signal that you've adopted the language of its its more unhinged critics.

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