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■ Proverbs 28:4 has relevance to today's "Day Without a Woman" events closing schools in numerous lefty bastions:

Those who forsake instruction praise the wicked, but those who heed it resist them.

Well, sort of. Note: Our default translation ("New International Version") has "instruction" where most others seem to have "the law" instead.

■ James Freeman has more on that: School’s Out.

Wednesday is looking like another tough day for the anti-Trump resistance. The people who brought you the “Women’s March on Washington” on Donald Trump’s first full day in office have organized tomorrow’s “Day Without a Woman.” It’s intended as a general strike to protest gender oppression. But it seems that the oppressed may be too busy to participate.

If Mrs. Salad goes on strike, I might have to … I don't know, make a pizza or something?

■ There are too many reactions to the GOP's Obamacare replacement plan to list them all, but Megan McArdle seems definitive: The Republican Plan Is Even Worse Than Obamacare. She takes off from where her husband left off yesterday (at Reason): "In general, it's not clear what problems this particular bill would actually solve."

While I loathe couples who quarrel in public, I must point out that it’s actually quite clear what problem this bill solves: the problem of Republican legislators who want to tell their base that they repealed Obamacare, just like they promised. Tada!

My husband is, of course, completely right that it’s not clear what other problems this solves. It will not, for example, make the looming possibility of a "death spiral" in the individual market any less possible, and indeed may make it more likely. Passing this bill would certainly ensure that Republicans will 100 percent own any ensuing death spiral, and will have little luck whining that it was gonna death spiral anyway, because Obamacare. In other words, even if we leave aside any policy effects, this bill will be a disaster for the long-term political fortunes of the Republican Party.

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Might leave some room for that party we were talking about the other day, the one committed to free-market principles, the Constitution, individual liberty, … As events are making clear, only a few Republicans are even pretending their party is interested in that any more.

■ At NR, Kevin D. Williamson details The Problem with Investigating Trump:

The Obama administration left us with a poison bouquet, a federal government whose investigatory agencies are thoroughly corrupted, politicized, and untrustworthy. We know for a fact that the Internal Revenue Service, acting after demands from Democratic elected officials, targeted conservative-leaning activist groups for investigation and harassment, and that this harassment was outrageous, including demands that religiously oriented organizations disclose the very contents of their prayers. We know that that Internal Revenue Service illegally and maliciously leaked information about the donors of the National Organization for Marriage, in order to facilitate political and financial retaliation against them. We know that evidence, including e-mails, was destroyed to subvert investigation into this criminal conspiracy, and that congressional Democrats went to extraordinary lengths to protect IRS officials from being punished for their wrongdoing. We know that one of the key figures in that case, Lois Lerner, is enjoying a large federal pension rather than a small federal prison cell.

Hey, how about the investigative press?! Oh, right, the same guys that pooh-poohed and/or ignored all of the above.

■ Are you a White Girl? Well, then, as reported by Jennifer Kabbany at The College Fix, you could use some fashion advice: White Girl, Take Off Your Hoops.

Students of color at Pitzer College have a message for their white peers: Take off your hoop earrings. Literally, that’s their message — spray painted on the school’s free speech wall recently.

Also—I am not making this up—"winged eyeliner, gold name plate necklaces, etc." Because Cultural Appropriation, girl.

■ Not that the University Near Here is totally free of worry on such matters. Ms. Allison Bellucci, Executive Editor of the student newspaper, whitegirlsplains for her readers:

Practicing a culture is cultural appreciation. Adapting a culture to your own is cultural adaptation, taking credit for that culture and in the process denying the people who created it or ignoring them and the meaning of elements in said culture is cultural appropriation.

Got that? That third thing thing is bad, and you shouldn't do it. And maybe that second thing too. Except (as Allison admits) "the lines between cultural appropriation, adaptation and appreciation are blurred, and knowing when a line is crossed can be difficult." Bad news for those not wishing to offend!

But never fear, there are some absolutes. "Blackface is never okay." And "Don’t adapt sacred artifacts or accessories into a costume or outfit." Although I would imagine that rule is relaxed if the sacred objects are associated with Christianity.

Oh, a special word for two months from now: "a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo is a very similar concept." Although probably not a sacred one.

Alison probably picked this stuff up from some class about Victimhood and Grievance, but for those who were taking math or physics instead, she's here to help. No word on whether she's gotten the news about hooped earrings.

■ At Cato, Daniel J. Ikenson is unimpressed with a recent WSJ op-ed by Peter Navarro, Harvard Ph.D. Economist, Trade Warrior.

The analytical errors and the fallacies portrayed as facts in that op-ed are so numerous that it is bewildering how a person with a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University—and a potentially devastating amount of influence within the White House—could so fundamentally misunderstand basic tenets of introductory economics.

So you probably shouldn't read Navarro without Ikenson.

■ And finally, a comment from Michael P. Ramirez on a certain President's unPresidential habit:

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Or, as a guy I'm following on Twitter put it:

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