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  • You can check on how your Congresscritter voted on the auto bailout here. Democrats voted for it 205-20, Republicans against 150-32. Despite my urgent plea, Carol Shea-Porter voted for it, as did NH's other rep, Paul Hodes.

    Shea-Porter voted against the "Wall Street" bailout back in October. But she had an imminent election coming up then.

  • Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek has an op-ed in today's WSJ that explains why the vote was so awful. Here's a sample:
    A government bailout of the Big Three keeps huge amounts of productive inputs in firms that can't use them efficiently. Forcing taxpayers to subsidize the continued employment of gargantuan quantities of raw materials, labor and capital goods in unproductive pursuits is a recipe for economic stagnation. The popular and politically convenient myth has matters backwards: The bigger the unprofitable firm, the more vital it is that it be allowed to fail.
    … but if you need more convincing, read the whole thing.

  • Via Amy Kane's Atlantic Avenue, a post for the perpetually offended. Not that any Pun Salad readers fit in that category, but maybe you know someone…

  • Lots of male-female strife recorded in the Rochester (NH) Police Log:
    Wednesday, Nov. 26

    12:01 p.m. -- A woman harassed by her husband says he has been spitting on doors and door handles and blowing smoke at her, in apparent celebration of a lapsed restraining order. She calls again to say he has just thrown a lighted cigarette into the house before taking off in a truck.

    Thursday, Nov. 27

    4:08 p.m. -- A gentleman invites his ex for dinner, but now that the meal is over, she won't leave, and he wants her out.

    Saturday, Nov. 29

    4:21 p.m. -- On Lafayette Street, a woman who has just moved here, reports that the car lent to her by her grandmother, has been stolen. Her boyfriend is also missing, and she surmises that both items could be heading back to the Midwest.

    10:26 p.m. -- A gentleman, who is not supposed to be in a North Main Street apartment, has arrived, and a lady is apprehensive that he might "grab her leg or punch her in the head again." He holes up in the bathroom and police go to flush him out, but he slips away ere they arrive.

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Annals of Poor Interface Design

Encountered while paying tuition bills from a University Near Here:

Bad Dialog

And, yes: you click "OK" to cancel, and "Cancel" to not cancel.

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