Post Election Thoughts

  • "Hey, this glass isn't even close to half-full."

  • Pun Salad would like to associate itself with the remarks of Saint Mary Katherine of Ham: Congratulations to President-Elect Obama.

  • One pony in this roomful of manure: we now have years to continue our so-far futile efforts to get the Pun Salad-invented word "Barackrobatics" (rhetorical efforts to justify one's shifting positions on a variety of issues) into the Googlable lexicon.

  • Most saddening loss: Senator Sununu. He deserved a better electorate.

  • Most irritating win: Carol Shea-Porter. Another two years with this toothache of a Congresswoman.

  • For those hoping for Sarah Palin to make a presidential run in 2012: who was the last losing vice-presidential candidate who went on to win the presidency? This was a bit of trivia going around our workplace this morning.

    If you don't want to rack your brain today, there's a blog post with the answer. Suffice to say: it's a very rare occurrence, and (hint) the last time was 1920.

  • If you're feeling despondent, take hope from these words from Peter Lynch:
    Betting against America was a bad bet in the past. It'll be a bad bet in the future.
    True enough! But I also have to append the standard disclaimer:
    Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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