URLs du Jour


  • I like Sarah Palin just fine, but http://www.palinaspresident.us/ is pretty funny in an over-the-top New Yorker magazine cover sort of way. (Via Granite Slate.)

  • It's Thursday, a good day to see if there's a new Rochester (NH) Police Log. There is!. Samples, concentrating on Salmon Falls Road:

    Tuesday, Oct. 7

    10:33 a.m. — Rocks the size of "bowling balls" are on the road called Salmon Falls.

    Wednesday, Oct. 8

    2:01 p.m. — On Salmon Falls Road, a neighbor is allegedly banging on a garage door and causing a dog to bark. When asked to stop he responded, says the log, "with fowl language." That should get tongues clucking.

    Saturday, Oct. 11

    7:13 a.m. — Horses clump up and down Salmon Falls Road. Farmer Mark Perry (Hi, Mark) corrals them until their owners are contacted.

    It is a long road, but still… maybe something in the water?

  • The great church sign debate. Phony but funny.

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