URLs du Jour


  • Rob Long has obtained a memo from the latest Federal bailout target, a Scottish restaurant chain of which you may have heard.
    All along, as we faced a softening demand for our products and in the wake of our increased exposure to losses in the commodity derivatives market of beef futures, hog swaps, egg instruments , bun swaptions, potato debt flotations , and partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil puts, it was our intention to reach some productive and effective understanding with our creditors and our business partners. Unfortunately, due to market conditions, that was not to be.

    Effective close of business today, the McDonald’s Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Department of Agriculture. They wisely — and quickly — stepped in to provide management with a credit facility, in exchange for ownership of the company. If you’ve seen the recent news about what the Treasury Department has done for AIG, the troubled insurance giant, you’ll understand what happened here. It’s basically the same, but with fries.

  • OK, that's fun and everything, but for real insight, you'll want to check out Iowahawk's debate on the credit bailout with Linda Mustaine from First Coralville Mortgage.

  • At the Freakonomics blog, Stephen J. Dubner summarizes and analyzes a Heritage Foundation report on the demographic makeup of American military forces. Stereotypes are destroyed.

  • If you're like me, you'll want to read any blog post that contains both the phrases "Sha Na Na" and "Hayek, Goldwater, and Buckley."

  • Are you Of A Certain Age? But nevertheless want to text like all those young whippersnappers that keep traipsing across your lawn, with their god-awful music, funny hair, and hideous clothes?

    OK, why would you want to do that?

    But anyway, if you do, check out "New Texting Acronyms for the Elderly." One sample:

    ROFLACGU: Rolling on the floor laughing and can't get up