Seven Years

It seems longer than that to me. It seems shorter to my wife. Funny. I've never blogged about this before, and it's not that interesting, but:

I'd been teaching a Unix tutorial all morning, holed up in a small classroom away from the normal office gabbing. I finished up at noontime. There were no TVs or radios around, but maybe I picked up on some nervous despair in the atmosphere; I asked a co-worker what was going on.

And he told me, as accurately as anyone knew at the time, what had happened.

My first reaction was disbelief—surely, this guy had been yanking my chain in a very morbid and disturbing way. But I got back to my office and soon found out for myself that while I'd been yammering on about Unix shell syntax, the world had changed out from under me.

So: it's a day to remember and reflect. Regular blogging to resume soon. Just not today.