URLs du Jour


  • Alex Tabarrok links to recent video of Barack Obama being heckled for not opening a recent event with the Pledge of Allegiance. Alex finds the Pledge to be "creepy" and, as he details its ideological DNA, it's hard to disagree.

  • Instapundit asks a question that will probably not get answered in a timely manner:
    SO NOW THAT WE KNOW THAT THE PRESS COVERED FOR EDWARDS -- just as, pre-invasion, they covered for Saddam -- that raises a question: What else are they not telling us for fear it will hurt the Democrats' prospects?
    (In case you've forgotten about Iraq, click here.)

  • You may have heard of the thuggish efforts of "Accountable America", who are apparently sending "**WARNING**" letters to Republican donors.

    Iowahawk, ahead of the curve as always, has received a FINAL WARNING from Accountable America, and folks it ain't pretty.

  • Dave Barry is in China. He's not only blogging, he is also writing actual articles for his employer, the Miami Herald. Today he writes about his visit to the Great Wall of China.
    It's not easy, using mere words, to describe the Great Wall, but I will try, using professional-writer skills: It is really, really big. There is no way you could lift it without help. Not only is the wall high and wide, but it is 6,400 kilometers long, which would be even more impressive if you actually knew what a kilometer was.
    You can click around to find his other stuff, including pictures from locations to which the NBC cameras dare not venture. You will not want to miss, for example, the picture captioned: "Nothing goes with corn like scorpions!"

  • Who knew that dealing with Muslim extremism could be so easy?
    SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. -- Members of the East Central Narcotics Task Force arrested a man in South Windsor in connection with a drug transaction that they learned was expected to take place. […]

    The suspect was identified as Almighty Supremebeing Allah, 35, of West Hartford.

    So, lock him up, toss the key, game over, right?

    Although, I have to say: the picture doesn't look like him.