URLs du Jour


  • Matthew Hoy does a great job of showing why it's a really bad idea to trust anything you read in the long-worthless pages of …
    Time magazine came out with an article this week ,which curiously isn’t labeled opinion, that misstates what Barack Obama said and then comes to the conclusion that Obama was right all along when he said that proper tire inflation and regular tune-ups can save as much gas as we would net if we were to drill off the outer continental shelf.
    Matt awards Jake Tapper of ABC a silver medal for his analysis of the proposal, but the gold goes to John Hinderaker of Powerline.

  • Another good reason to privatize the Post Office: they're a bunch of Commies who can't draw the American flag right.

  • I probably wouldn't make a special trip to Melbourne to see the Eureka Tower Carpark, but it has some pretty amazing signage. (Via Geek Press.)

  • Lore Sjöberg discovers his previously unknown need for a Halligan bar, and he may awaken the same in you.