URLs du Jour


  • Via Drudge, there's a report in the Times that the Obama campaign has set up an Internet "war room" to fight anti-Barack rumors.
    A crack team of cybernauts will form a rapid response internet “war room” to track and respond aggressively to online rumours that Barack Obama is unpatriotic and a Muslim.
    Well, fine. But (a) I thought we were going to cool it with the "war" rhetoric when there was, you know, an actual war going on; (b) the Times doesn't mention anything about the current hot rumor-mongering. To wit: asking the Google about Obama "birth certificate" garners 81,500 hits. The indispensible Geraghty has a rundown on the scurrilousness, which the Obamanian War Room seems to be "fighting" by hunkering down and wishing it would all just go away. ("Gosh, exactly the same way they plan to fight the War on Terror!")

  • West Greenwich, RI has to fret about fishers; Coloradans are concerned about cougars. But here in quiet Rollinsford NH, our current major worry is snapping turtles. If confronted, residents are advised to back away… slowly. (First two links via Instapundit.)

  • Speaking of Rollinsford, Janice Brown has the goods on the Rollins family; Rollinsford is named after one of them (Edward H.); Janice concentrates on another, Frank W, the inventor of Old Home Week.

  • Jeopardy! Hero Ken Jennings is painting an alphabet mural on his daughter's bedroom wall, illustrated with kid-lit characters. It's remarkably good: check out A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, and Q-V. Ken could not only kick my ass in Jeopardy!, if there were a game show called Parenting!, he'd kick my ass on that one too.