High Profile

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This entry in Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone series is just out in paperback. Jesse is police chief in Paradise, MA. The book begins with the discovery of the body of famous radio talk show host Walton Weeks hanging from a tree. Soon another body is found. And Jesse's ex-wife shows up saying she's been raped. So things get a little busy for the next 280 pages.

As is usual with Parker's books, there's not a lot of brilliant deduction in finding the perpetrators. Instead, Jesse and his crew pick away doggedly at the backstory of the victims and their acquaintances, and eventually truth outs. Along the way there's plenty of good chatter.

There's also more than usual soap opera: Jesse's obsession with his ex, his drinking problem, his new girlfriend Sunny Randall, etc.. This drives some readers crazy, I know. But Robert B. has long since paid his dues, and to my mind can write his books any way he damn well pleases.

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Ocean's Eleven

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So Mrs. Salad said: "I would like to see Ocean's Thirteen."

"Doesn't that mean we should see Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve first."

"I guess."

So that's why we watched this seven-year-old movie. And, yes, that does make two Brad Pitt movies in a row. Also (it turns out) two Casey Affleck movies in a row.

Anyway: it's a heist flick, where the robbers are likeable and funny, wouldn't hurt a fly. They're up against a Vegas casino manager with a thin translucent layer of sophistication over a thuggish center. I won't go through the entire cast, but it's what they call star-studded.

Everybody here seems to be having a great time, it's professionally put together, it's very slick and clever. Nothing wrong with that.

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