Resident Evil: Extinction

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I went into this kind of expecting that it would be utterly awful, and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's videogame-inspired, and an obvious grab for the dollars of undiscriminating fans, but I found myself watching the whole thing with interest.

This is the third entry in a series; my list says I watched the first two back in 2004, giving the first one zero stars, the second one 1.5. So either the series is improving, or my I'm feeling unusually generous. I didn't remember much of anything about those previous entries, except their zombieness.

Anyway, this movie is set in a future when the zombies have pretty much destroyed everyone. Heroine Alice is wandering the American desert; so is a caravan of a few dozen survivors. Deadly enemies are everywhere: not only zombie humans, but also zombie ravens. Also insane non-zombie humans. Also the evil corporation that set everything off initially.

Eventually Alice meets up with the survivors, and they hatch a plan to aim toward a possibly-mythical Alaskan refuge. This involves a stop in Las Vegas, which the desert has begun to reclaim. I think we're meant to be impressed by this, but it really looks like a cheap movie set.

The movie leaves things open for yet another entry in the series.

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