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  • Important political news: No matter where you live, you can vote in New Hampshire Tuesday.

    As long as it's for "top cat", a new mascot for the Mount Washington Observatory. Your choices: Marty, Sarah, or Wilson. They are in the running to replace Nin, the previous holder of the position for the past 12 years.

    Please note: All three contenders have great hair, attend church, hold law degrees, value values, tout affordable vet care, and oppose recreational drug-use (unless it is catnip). All three claim to have been raised by poor, humble yam-farmers who worked their tails off just to put Meow Mix on the table. However, that claim has yet to be confirmed.
    (Via a dog-eared town.)

  • Many bloggers are commenting on the rude behavior of New Hampshire Democrats toward Senator Hillary Clinton at the party's "100 Club" dinner in Milford; they booed her. Jonathan V. Last has a more complete report on the goings on; shortly before the boos, they were cheering Dennis Kucinich's call for holding George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable for "war crimes" and (superfluously, I guess) also for impeaching them. But I found this sort of poignant:
    Bill Richardson follows Clinton. His speech is filled with substance and policy details. No one pays much attention. Guests mill about, making for the bathrooms. Somewhere, Horatio Sanz cries; to him, a Richardson presidency would have been worth millions.

  • Speaking of my brother Horatio, the Onion A. V. Club has an interview with him here.

  • I plan to be in Manchester tonight at the NRO shindig. I'm a total Jonah Goldberg/Mark Steyn/Rob Long groupie, so I'll be in right-wing fanboy heaven. If you're there too, be sure to say hi. If you don't recognize me from my picture over there on the right—no, your right—I'll be wearing my "Goldwater for President" and "Don't let THEM immanentize the Eschaton" buttons.

    (That last one is explained here; this writer explains the National Review connection, and he seems to think that the current NR editorial crop will shrink from its mighty truth like vampires confronted with a crucifix. We'll see.)

    I'll don't plan on liveblogging, but I'll try to get something up on the event later today or early tomorrow.

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