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Another Cary Grant movie, an Amazon Prime free-to-me streamer from 1963. With Audrey Hepburn as additional incentive. I watched this long ago; long enough so I only remembered the fuzziest of details.

Audrey's character is disenchanted with her husband, confessing to her friend while at a European ski resort that she's contemplating divorce. (Little does she know that her marriage is already over, her husband having been thrown off a train.) Cary Grant shows up propitiously to make witty conversation… but it's back to Paris for Audrey. Where she discovers that her apartment has been stripped to the bare walls.

Including her clothes! Oh, the humanity! She's a tad more distressed by that than her dead hubby.

This, somehow, doesn't prevent her from dressing in different Givenchy outfits throughout the rest of the movie.

And Cary Grant shows up again! Also Walter Matthau, who explains to Regina that her husband was part of a gang that ripped off a quarter-million payment to the French Resistance during WWII. And the surviving members of that gang show up too: James Coburn, George Kennedy, and Ned Glass. They're all out to find that missing loot, and are willing to resort to threats and violence.

Not that the movie takes that very seriously. (IMDB genres: "Comedy, Mystery, Romance") There's a lot of chemistry between Audrey and Clark, which has her being a lot more sexually aggressive than he.