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Proverbs 22:4 is pro-humility:

4 Humility is the fear of the Lord;
    its wages are riches and honor and life.

It seems like a deal: you get a lot of good stuff in return for humility.

@JonahNRO's weekly G-File is out, and it discusses Trump, Party of One, and it's largely about the True Believers in the Cult of Trump.

If you’re a cultist, the only thing that will snap you out of it is Trump himself. At some point, he will do something that will cause the worshippers — or at least most of them — to recognize he was a false god all along. It will be like that scene in The Man Who Would be King, when the girl bites Sean Connery on the cheek. When he bleeds, the faithful realize he is but a mortal.

That was a great movie. I can only hope Trump's fate is better than Daniel's.

■ Michelle Malkin notes the latest effort to stem inner-city carnage: Baltimore promotes ‘nobody kill anybody’ weekend… next month.

You think she's kidding, but she is not. She quotes the Baltimore Sun:

Organizers aim to stop the shooting from Friday, Aug. 4, through Sunday, Aug. 6, with a unified and blunt message: “Nobody kill anybody.”

Hey, they could add: "Aim to maim!"

Or: "Please arrange your murdering schedule appropriately. If you must murder that weekend, please do so outside the Baltimore city limits."

■ If you missed the link on Instapundit, do not miss it here. At Ars Technica, Cyrus Farivar recounts an epic yarn: Man ridicules Olive Garden’s demand letter over trademark dispute.

At issue is OG's demand that blogger Vincent "Vino" Malone remove "all metatags, keywords, visible or hidden texts including [Olive Garden] trademark(s) presently appearing" on his website. Among the paragraphs in his response:

I am not aware of any law against reviewing food and describing it using the name of the company from which it was procured. Some might even call it Nominative Fair Use. I have helpfully included a link to Wikipedia™, The Free Encyclopedia™, for more information on this concept, in case you are new. Just click on the blue words to access the HyperLink™, and you will be transported there in great haste.

I can only wish that Darden, OG's parent company, will bravely smile and offer Mr. Malone some apologetic OG gift cards.

■ Ed Morrissey notes a ghoulish Arizona politician, Dr. Kelli Ward: Ward To McCain: Step Down So I Can Be Appointed To Replace You.

Washington DC is a place for grand ambition, a place that no one gets without having something of a killer instinct. Usually it’s disguised a little better than in this WOWO interview with Kelli Ward, the woman who challenged John McCain in the 2016 primary, picked up here by CNN. Ward, a physician by trade, tells the Indiana station that the prospects for McCain’s health are “low,” and that he should get out of the way immediately in order to open up the seat for … Kelli Ward[.]

Dr. Kelli Ward should be kept far, far away from the levers of political power. She is ostensibly a Tea Partier, but …

■ David Henderson quotes Frank Knight on John B. Watson. Watson was a behaviorist psychologist and held the usual behaviorist contempt for "free will".

Knight is a man of wicked humor:

A man who can stand before the cream of the intelligentsia and exhort them to believe that they do not believe, but only react, to think that there is no such thing as thinking, but only muscle-twitching, that the whole idea of struggle and error is an error against which we must struggle until we see that seeing is an illusion, and illusion likewise an illusion--in short, one who repeats that "I am not saying anything, and you are not hearing anything, the gears are in mesh, nothing more," and makes them like it and pay to hear it--I say such a man should be worth at least $1,000,000 in any properly ordered civilization.

I hope I can remember to dig this out when the next "free will" discuussion breaks out.

True fact from Wikipedia:

Watson was the maternal grandfather of actress Mariette Hartley, who suffered with psychological issues she attributed to her being raised with her grandfather's theories.

I love Mariette Hartley; I last remember seeing her in a Mentalist episode where she was the "Actress Too Famous To Be In The Bit Role, So Must Be The Villain".

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