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■ Proverbs 27:5 is brief and to the point:

Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

I am not so sure The Band felt that way.

Now there's no love
As true as the love
That dies untold

I'm impressed with the Proverb, though.

■ Heather MacDonald channels Bob Marley: Get Up, Stand Up. Her City Journal article relates her recent experiences in speaking at Claremont McKenna College and UCLA. At CMC:

I completed my speech to the accompaniment of chants and banging on the windows. I was able to take two questions from students via live-streaming. But by then, the administrators and police officers in the room, who had spent my talk nervously staring at the windows, decided that things were growing too unruly outside to continue. I was given the cue that the presentation was over. Walkie-talkies were used to coordinate my exit from the Athenaeum’s kitchen to the exact moment that a black, unmarked Claremont Police Department van rolled up. We passed startled students sitting on the stoop outside the kitchen. Before I entered the van, one student came up and thanked me for coming to Claremont. We sped off to the police station.

Young people are our future.

■ Skip at GraniteGrok noticed some fightin' words in local news: NH House Speaker Jasper can’t get it done, turns to scapegoating. Jasper tried and failed to get a state budget passed, despite the GOP having a 226-173 edge over Democrats (there's one Libertarian). At the Union Leader article Skip links to:

"I am not a person that gives in to essentially terrorism," said Jasper, R-Hudson, during a lengthy interview Friday about the maverick team of 32 conservatives who helped block passage of the budget.

Skip notes:

Yeah, that’s rhetoric right out of the Democrat playbook.  I know – that’s the kind of language the Progressives (who ALWAYS rachet up government) used against us in the TEA Party movement.  They did so because we wanted a government that stayed within its Constitutional bounds, was frugal, and espoused Free Markets.  And Jasper calls this new NH Freedom Caucus “terrorists”?  Standing up for Principles – Republican principles?

Jasper's language is also vile. And (for that matter) also burning-bridges dumb; if he ever wanted to set up a compromise down the road, this makes it a lot harder.

■ At Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen says a "new study shows" it: Fairness > equality. Click over for details, but let me quote:

As I said in a talk at Harvard Business School a few days ago, “if you hear the word “inequality,” the chance that what follows will be wrong is at least 3/4.”

■ Ian Miles Cheong at Heat Street reports on Angry Witches: ‘Magic Is Not For White People!’. Example anger (sorry for the language):

If only those (I'm pretty sure lily-white) ladies down in Salem had taken this advice!

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