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■ Proverbs 27:4:

Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?

Impressive. Chapter 27 is, so far, dud-free.

■ My LFOD alert rang for Live Free or Die: Art is Expression, an exhibition going on until April 29 at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery of the New Hampshire Art Association in Portsmouth. They say:

Artwork, whether playful, political, representational, abstract, big or small, is an essential form of expression that is encapsulated in the New Hampshire state motto. What does it mean to ‘Live Free or Die’ in 2017 in New Hampshire, in the United States, in the world? Does it mean the freedom to expressively move paint across a canvas? Or the freedom to capture your vision through the camera lens or molded clay?

“No other state motto has captured the popular imagination like New Hampshire’s. The bold, assertive phrase that greets you the minute you cross the border into New Hampshire can be found emblazoned on everything from license plates to pint glasses and has inspired the titles of countless books, films, advertising slogans, and even an episode of The Sopranos. This exhibition seeks works of art across all media that engage with and interpret this iconic phrase within the context of our contemporary moment.

Sounds pretty neat. Also pretentious, but, you know, they're artists. Maybe I'll walk the dog down in Portsmouth and peek in their window.

■ Meanwhile, over at Reason, Baylen Linnekin sounds the alarm: Maine Lawmaker Targets Foragers on Private Property:

The bill, An Act To Prohibit Foraging on Private Land without Permission, would amend an existing law that serves primarily to prohibit people from going onto private property to chop down and transport Christmas trees. Under the proposed law, three convictions in a 10-year period would brand the violator a felon.

The status quo is that unless the property is posted otherwise, forage away.

I am not a lawyer, but in NH the burden of prohibiting foraging (and hunting, and trespassing, and any other "physical activity") would seem to on the property owner, according to RSA 635:4.

■ KDW at NR says Trump's Syrian tomahawking is War, Willy-Nilly.

On Wednesdays, we are at war with the Islamic State. On Thursdays, we are at war with the Islamic State, in effect acting as a cat’s-paw for the world’s leading jihad brigade against the government of Bashar al-Assad, who apparently intends to murder Syrians until he is pleased with what is left.

We should let him.

Trump (however) seems to have pretty solid political support for his unconsitutional frolic.

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