URLs du Jour


■ Proverbs 28:7 is a good one for dads to keep in reserve:

A discerning son heeds instruction, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father.

"You know, son, I've noticed you tend to hang out with some real porkers."

■ In moments of quiet reflection, perhaps on peaceful forest walks, you've no doubt wondered: "Is Chelsea Clinton the Great Democratic Hope?" Fortunately, Jim (Indispensible) Geraghty has the answer (and you can go back to wondering about more sensible things): Chelsea Clinton Is Not the Great Democratic Hope.

Chelsea Clinton is not fascinating. But the repeated insistence that Chelsea Clinton is fascinating . . . is actually rather fascinating. It’s like a giant social experiment, in which everyone who has spent decades building connections to the Clinton political dynasty attempts to make the world see the president’s daughter as someone she isn’t.

Chelsea's history is replete with jobs for which she's had no obvious qualifications and unwarranted (but fawning) media attention; as J(I)G notes, "she’s the living embodiment of inherited privilege."

Ann Althouse has a perfectly perceptive reaction to Nate Silver's recent article on the "liberal media bubble".

(The point he's making is so ridiculously obvious that the length and seriousness of this piece is evidence of the pathetic dilapidation of the press.)

After that, if you want to read Silver's article … well, go ahead.

■ My LFOD Google Alert fired on a story in the student newspaper of the University Near Here: University continues to prohibit firearms on campus

New Hampshire has long prided itself on its state motto, “Live free or die,” due to its intent to allow its citizens to live responsibly apart from government interference. And though the freedom to carry a concealed pistol or revolver without a permit has recently been added to the list of freedoms New Hampshire maintains, the University of New Hampshire’s policy of prohibiting firearms on campus remains unchanged.

The story is … remarkably even-handed! Both Republican and Democrat students are quoted. My local paper, Foster's Daily Democrat, usually doesn't do that well.

■ You may not have heard the news: Stunning close-up of Saturn’s moon, Pan, reveals a space empanada.

Picture at the link. As near as I can tell, nobody has yet accused Saturn of cultural appropriation for inauthentic display of a Mexican food item. If that happens, they can always start calling it a "space ravioli", which it also resembles, and the Italians don't seem to get as upset about the cultural appropriation thing.

Darn it, now I'm hungry.

■ VA Viper has a fine collection (from last year) of pictures, videos, and other links related to Daylight Saving Time. As I get older, I find DST ever more an abomination. And my overall position remains unchanged: we should erect a wall of separation between time and state.