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Those painful Chevy commercials assure us that the folks oohing and aahing about their cars and trucks are "Real People. Not Actors." I wonder how actors feel about the implication that they're not real people? Pretty bad, I bet.

  • At Reason, Nick Gillespie has a long and thoughtful post about John Lewis's remark that he doesn't see Trump "as a legitimate president."

    I write as a #NeverTrumper (I voted for Gary Johnson), but I find Lewis's comments and broader attempts not simply to disagree with political opponents but to delegitimate them troubling for several reasons.

    First, they are simply a continuation of a tedious, decades-long unwillingness by losers to acknowledge the basic rules of the very game they have rigged. Remember when George W. Bush was not "elected" but "selected" in 2000? Listen closely any time someone from The Nation shows up on MSNBC and there's a good chance that'll still come up.

    To use a different metaphor: politics is a rhetorical arms race that both parties keep escalating. It's hard to see how this ends well.

  • Your tweet du jour:

  • I'm not actually sure what the deal is here: "8 Glad Restaurants Where the Chefs “Live Free or Die” in Keokuk, Iowa".

    Keokuk, Iowa is stocked with chic diners and many are open late. Sometimes you start shopping for later and you ask the trusty, old cell: “Where can I buy organic corn and chickens in Iowa?” And then you realize it would be easier to let a professional handle dinner.

    The article seems to have been generated by some sort of Mad Libs algorithm, but the designer didn't know English very well.

    But in any case: Keokuk chefs, you can't have our motto!

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